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Riding the Waves (draft) Riding the Waves (draft)

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I don't believe that you're a real beginner, perhaps with FL Studio, but not as a musician. Sure, the drums/percussion feel a bit repetitive and machine-ish, but they are never in the center of attention - the piano is. And boy, the piano sounds like you knew exactly what you were doing. The piano never feels repetitive.

When it comes to mixing, I foolishly assume that you only used a few audio channels and effects and therefore you didn't have much to worry about. Off the top of my head I'll say you could vary the volume of the hihats for example, to make them more human. But in general, my focus is on the piano and it sounds good. I love how you pan some notes to the right.

Overall the sound reminds me of some asian MMORPG I don't remember the name of. So I could certainly imagine it being in a game - which, having read your forum post, I'm sure you are imagining too.

Good luck getting there, you're definitely on the right way!

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BlackOrWhit3 responds:

Thank you! Well yes i'm new with FL Studio but meh..I have a piano so I mess around with it sometimes. And hm...asian MMORPG...there's a lot, but there's one game that came into mind - Mabinogi. Not sure though. A lot of MMORPGS have these kinda soundtracks especially in 'happier' maps.